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Click Here to Join the Virtual Practice Sessions

*Room will be open around 8:45PM each session.

This year we will hold virtual practice sessions leading up to the Judges Course.  The goal with these sessions is to simply gain more practice and collaborate since we have limited time at the course.

These virtual sessions will take place on a software called Zoom.  It is similar to Skype, GoToMeeting, etc.  All you need is a computer or tablet.  Webcams are optional but you will need a microphone if you would like to be able to talk.  Please be prepared with paper and a pen as you will be judging the routines "live".

We will judge two of each of the following routines: Level 8, Level 9, Level 10, and FIG.

Virtual Practice Session Schedule

Tuesday, October 1st @ 9:00PM - Floor Exercise (Lead: Antonio Juan)

Tuesday, October 8th @ 9:00PM - Pommel Horse (Lead: Dean Dryer)

Tuesday, October 15th @ 9:00PM - Still Rings (Lead: Luis Martinez-Lopez)

Tuesday, October 22nd @ 9:00PM - Parallel Bars (Lead: Brian Finnegan)

WEDNESDAY, October 30th @ 9:00PM - Horizontal Bar (Lead: Shane Cummings)

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