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2022 SGJA Judges Course

November 5-6


Tentative Schedule

Saturday, November 5th

8:30AM - Zoom Room Opens

9:00AM-9:30AM - Roll Call & Course Overview

9:30AM-12:30PM - Lecture & Practice on FX, PH, & SR

12:30PM-1:30PM - Lunch

1:30PM-4:30PM - Lecture & Practice on VT, PB, & HB

5:00PM - 6:30PM - Practical Exam

6:30PM-7:00PM - SGJA Annual Meeting

Sunday, November 6th

8:30AM - Zoom Room Opens

9:00AM-9:30AM - Compulsory & General Judging Overview

9:30AM-11:45AM - Compulsory Lecture & Practice on FX, PH, & SR

11:45AM-12:30PM - Lunch

12:30PM-2:30PM - Compulsory Lecture & Practice on VT, PB, & HB

Please register for the course on the NGJA website by following these steps:

1) Visit

2) Click Login on the top left and login to your account

3) If you have not already renewed your NGJA membership, you will need to pay $25 and renew your membership before you can sign up for the course

4) From the Membership Account page, scroll down and select the red Course Sign-up button

5) Find the SGJA Annual Course (it could be on Page 2, 3, etc) and click Book Now!

6) Scroll down and click the red REGISTER FOR THIS COURSE button

7) You are in!

8) To get the Zoom link to the course, return to Member Account at the top left. Scroll down and click on the red My Course Bookings button.

9) Click the SGJA Annual Course for 11/5/2022 and you will see the Zoom link at the top.


Practical Exam Information

All judges wishing to achieve a National Certification must take a practical this year.  The practical exam will be administered via Zoom.  


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